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Wedding’s a Beach.

We all love a good bit of sun (who doesn’t?) and boy do we need it badly. Many dream of being whisked off to an exotic location where sun, sea and sand are in abundance which makes exchanging of vows even more memorable. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford this luxury or some couples really do have lots of family and friends which makes a destination wedding not viable. So, if you’re a beach junkie but stuck with having an indoor wedding, here are some ways to give it some beachy boost. Ahhhh, bring on Summer.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Jessica Monnich Photography, Thank You SummerKatrina Louise, Martha Stewart Weddings, Jessica Wright Photography via 2 Hearts Weddings, Hello Studio via Ruffled BlogKT Merry Photography via Brides.com, Judith Sargent Photography via Brides.com

The world is your oyster. Turn nature into decor; seashell bouquet, coral candle-holders, seashell vase or for a no-brainer, scatter the coral and seashells across the table for an au naturel look. 

No, I’m not telling you to fill the reception room with sand (but by all means do so if you’d like to treat your guests to an indoor beach party) but incorporate it into the decor; fill your vases with sand instead of water or have it inside a tray or even a ginormous shell to act as your escort card stand.

Use the material sparingly or you’ll risk turning your theme into a rustic do instead of that beachy feel you’ve been craving for; tie the bride and groom chair backs with burlap or print table numbers with a nautical font on the material for a 2-in-1 runner.

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Real Weddings: Jasmine & Alan (Bali)

I’m so giddy over this destination wedding at The Khayangan Estate in Bali. Last week, I gave you a glimpse into Jas & Alan’s big day with their DIY invitations, which was produced at low costs and with lots of creativity, so it’ll come as no surprise that their wedding had a great deal of personal touches. With such busy jobs and the fact that much of the planning had to be done remotely from Hong Kong, Jas & Alan managed to pull off a beautiful day that showed us what love can do. Their love has been brewing since 2001 and there’s no better way to witness this than through the eyes of KC Chan, whose natural style of photography makes me you feel as though you’re sharing the special day with the couple.


One special mention was the catering company, M&M, who Jas spoke highly of, “They allowed us to let each of our guests choose their own appetizer, first and second course out of a couple of choices in advance AND they provided the menu tailored for each guest according to their choices and had their name on it!! They delivered everything perfectly on the day!!”

Venue: The Khayangan Estate, Bali   |   Photography: KC @ www.chankichun.com   |   Caterer: M&M Catering Bali   |   Wedding Dress: Ian Stuart   |   Bridesmaids’ Shoes: Something Thine   |   Groomsmen’s Pants: Bossini   |   Groomsmens’ Suspenders: TaoBao   |   Custom Hangers: Etsy   |   Wedding Signs: Gloriosa Flower House   |    Balloons: Smile Party Bali   |   Guestbook: Prints    

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Real Weddings: Jasmine & Alan (DIY Invitation)

By now, you’ll probably know I’m in love with all things DIY. It demonstrates one’s creativity and most important of all, their personality. When I found out that Jasmine & Alan’s wedding invitation was designed by the couple themselves, I knew I had to feature their creation. Both in the professional sphere, let’s just say their daily work involves numbers and documents and as you can tell, a world away from the arts. Together with two bridesmaids and an iPad in hand, this invitation is truly a reflection of “great teamwork”.


The Design: 

“I first drew/wrote the draft and then we tried to look for a couple of printers to estimate costs. So glad we found a cheap local one (run by a couple of warm-hearted middle-aged women!) as we wanted to keep it under HK$15 per set.” 

“With the printed cards in single colour, I got two talented bridesmaids, Joanne and Viv, to join me to paint all of them.”

“At last, Alan and I finished with our fingerprints and two smiley faces at the back to add a personal touch on a rather commoditised wedding accessory these days.”

 ”You can probably tell how excited I am with the end product!”

Wedding Photography: KC @ www.chankichun.com
Invitation Printers: Kam Shing
iPad Drawing App:

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Destination Weddings: Location, Location, Location.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Manuel Astefan Photography, W. Scott Chester Photography, Perfect Bound Blog, Joshua Rainey Photography, Michael Norwood Photography

Destination wedding. Just the thought of it sounds exotic enough. No matter where you’re planning to celebrate your nuptials, be it overlooking the vineyards in Tuscany or against the backdrop of the Adriatic sea (oh how dreamy), there’s going to be some element of stress even if you’re the world’s most-relaxed person. You’re thousands of miles away, you’ve probably never travelled there before and there could be language barrier. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime so you’re going to want it to be perfect. I don’t blame you. Here’s the first of many tips to get you started.


1. Unless the destination holds a special meaning to you as a couple (where you met, got engaged or where you’re from), ditch the idea of having it in an inaccessible location. Think of your guests. If it involves more than two transfers, it’s a no go. You want your friends and family to witness your happy moments and for them to enjoy themselves too, not moan about how difficult it was to get to your wedding. It’ll also reduce the chances of unexpected interruptions ruining the event, such as flight delays due to a volcanic eruption. Trust me, there’s nothing you can do about it when that does happen. It happened to me last year and all I could do was cry until I knew each and every single family member and friend had arrived. You don’t want a swollen eye on your big day.


2. Choose a destination that uses English as their first language or it’s widely used. You need to communicate with vendors and suppliers. If you don’t even speak the same language, how are you going to negotiate and tell them what you want? That’s where the wedding planner can prove to be useful, if you do decide to hire one.


3. Remember to check the weather. Avoid the rainy season unless you’re fine with getting drenched.


4. Before you decide on the destination, research around to see the availability of certain suppliers. Is it easy to source flowers? If you need caters, are they readily available?


5. Once you’ve decided on the destination, look at places that are all-inclusive and compare with those that simply hire out the venue. If you want to eliminate the need to source various suppliers, an all-inclusive package is the way to go. Most of these venues will have had experience with weddings  so they’ll ensure (or at least try to!) that your day will run without a hitch.