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Wedding Invitations: The Month to Do Good.

If you’ve been looking for oh-so-gorgeous letterpress invitations that’ll add the extra wow factor to your wedding but a tad put off by the high price that comes with this style of printing, then Bella Figura’s April giveaway may be your answer. All you need to do is do a good deed before the end of the month, document it through a photo or video and pin it to Bella Figura’s ‘Do Good: 2013′ board to get an extra 25 invitation sets with an order of 50 or more. That’ll save you quite a bit of moolah and all done for a good cause. You even stand a chance to enter their US$1000 giveaway! Go on, start spreading the love.

N.B. For rules and details of the promotion, visit Bella Figura’s page.


Photo credit: Bella Figura

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Wedding Invitation Wording.

Oh wedding formalities. Even if you’re the most eclectic of sorts and couldn’t care less about what others think, it’s still only polite to take into consideration what wording to use for your wedding invitations. You don’t want a minor mistake to ruin any friendships or family relationships so make sure you get it right. Our friends at SimplyBridal have once again shared this easy to follow guide on wedding invitation etiquette so you’ve got no excuse to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Photo credit: SimplyBridal

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Real Weddings: Jasmine & Alan (DIY Invitation)

By now, you’ll probably know I’m in love with all things DIY. It demonstrates one’s creativity and most important of all, their personality. When I found out that Jasmine & Alan’s wedding invitation was designed by the couple themselves, I knew I had to feature their creation. Both in the professional sphere, let’s just say their daily work involves numbers and documents and as you can tell, a world away from the arts. Together with two bridesmaids and an iPad in hand, this invitation is truly a reflection of “great teamwork”.


The Design: 

“I first drew/wrote the draft and then we tried to look for a couple of printers to estimate costs. So glad we found a cheap local one (run by a couple of warm-hearted middle-aged women!) as we wanted to keep it under HK$15 per set.” 

“With the printed cards in single colour, I got two talented bridesmaids, Joanne and Viv, to join me to paint all of them.”

“At last, Alan and I finished with our fingerprints and two smiley faces at the back to add a personal touch on a rather commoditised wedding accessory these days.”

 ”You can probably tell how excited I am with the end product!”

Wedding Photography: KC @ www.chankichun.com
Invitation Printers: Kam Shing
iPad Drawing App:

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The Guest List: Friends.

Photo credits (from left): 1 Wedding Source, Candice K Photography

The Guest List. The dreaded task on every couple’s to-do-list. The unavoidable. No matter how well you think it’s been thought out, no matter how hard you’ve tried to be the gracious couple, you’re bound to have offended at least one person. Remember, this is your wedding, not theirs so don’t feel obliged to invite a guest just because you feel bad. This is not the time to act like you’re best friends with the whole world nor is it a popularity contest. The day is your most private, most personal, most touching and happiest point in your life. Spend it with those you care.

How to draw up your list:
1. List all your friends and categorise them into Tier 1, 2, 3 and so forth.
a) Tier 1 = those you’d meet up frequently (bumping into each other in a bar and saying a courteous ‘Hi’ doesn’t count), your best friends (even if you don’t see them all the time), you’d confide in, who’d you inform whenever you have news (good or bad) and you’d do anything for.
b) Tier 2 = those you may have been close to but for whatever reason you only see once in a while and those you’d have a good laugh with when you do meet up.
c) Tier 3 down = Facebook friends, ones you don’t even know why you’re friends with in the first place and if they’d invited you to their wedding, you’d think twice about.
2. Do not invite acquaintances. They’ll feel obliged to give you a present even if they don’t attend and you don’t even bat an eyelid as to whether they turn up or not so why bother?
3. The more people your invite, the more mouths to feed which means your wedding bill will inflate. It’s also more stressful coordinating hundreds of guests so keep it small. Unless you’re a Kim Kardashian, the celebrations should be an intimate affair.
4. Invite those in your Tier 1 category and depending on your venue size, wedding budget and how important you feel Tier 2 guests are to you, you can invite them as well.
5. It’s a matter of politeness to invite +1s and that applies even if you don’t like your best friend’s boyfriend. When it comes to the photos, you can photoshop him out.
6. Make it a balance between the bride and groom. If one side has a significantly larger party, the other is going to complain and get jealous. Talk it through. The last thing you want is to start off your marriage with ill feelings.

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3D Invitations. Be the First.

If money is not an issue, be the first to send out these custom view master invitations. Movies and TV have now all gone 3D, so why can’t your wedding? Oh, but it does cost a bomb. USD3,450 (approx, HKD 26,910) for 100 invites. You can do the rest of the calculations.

Photo credits: Melangerie Inc. via Etsy


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Wedding Invitations: The Photographer.

If you’ve got the time, blow it out on one tres awesome wedding invitation. This cute couple who are both photographers of Ambient Studios decided to make their own film canister invitation. Imagine receiving one of those?!

Photo credits: Ambient Studios via Wedding Obsession

Photo credits: Ambient Studios via Wedding Obsession

Photo credits: Ambient Studios via Wedding Obsession

Photo credits: Ambient Studios via Wedding Obsession