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Dress Up Your Chairs: Fabric + Ribbons.

We all know how obsessed some brides are when it comes to wedding decor so let us not forget about details such as the important chairs that guests sit on. Often, the ones found in Hong Kong venues are covered with gaudy material that makes me want to scream. You don’t need to be a DIY queen or spend hours trawling through Etsy to find the perfect chair back sign or garland; it’s as simple as buying some fabric to tie into a bow (avoid organza on top of an existing fabric chair cover because that just cheapens the look) for an elegant touch or decorate with ribbons to add a bit of whimsy to your big day. And if you’re the lucky few to get some interesting chairs such as the chiavari, then you’ve got even more room to play with. Having an outdoor wedding? Drape a pashmina over the chair to dress it up and double up as a wedding favour for the ladies. Too many guests? Then just decorate the Mr. & Mrs.’ chairs.


p.s. If you’re having a wedding banquet style reception where there’s a lot of manoeuvring, make sure the fabric doesn’t touch the floor. You don’t want the guests or yourselves to trip!


Chair Decor - Fabric + Ribbons

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Aaron Delesie Photography via Snippet and Ink, Dec Wedding, Tiny Water Photography via Somewhere Splendid, Lauren Brooks Photography via Style Me Pretty, Archetype Studio via Style Me Pretty

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Wallpaper Photo Backdrops.

It’s the one part of the wedding that many couples either spend a hefty sum on or leave the wedding venue to provide (usually in the form of a big red board with a printed tacky and shimmery name banner pinned on) as part of the wedding package. Photo backdrops needn’t cost you an arm or a leg nor should it be so boring that you’re better off without it. Add some personality and spark to your backdrop by using wallpaper – it’ll instantly transform a formerly drab looking photo into one that’s full of life. Love travelling? Go for a vintage world map. Floral addict? How about a Cath Kidston-esque print? The patterns and prints are boundless so narrow down by concentrating on your colour scheme and wedding theme (if any) or you’ll find yourself going off course.

Where to find wallpaper?
Hong Kong Island: Lockhart Road, Wan Chai (the section between Wan Chai MTR Exit A1 and Causeway Bay)
Kowloon (don’t be a snob, it’s not the dark side): Hong Lok Street and Portland Street, Mong Kong (the section between Argyle Street and Mong Kok Road)

Too lazy to walk? Shop Online.
Laura Ashley
Urban Outfitters


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Inspiration Board Wedding Decor

A Touch of Chinese: Ginger Jars.

Wedding inspirations can come from all walks of life, be it a certain culture, a festival, an event, art or even home decor. Today’s originated in ancient China, most likely from the Qing Dynasty. The porcelain ginger jars were traditionally used to hold spices, often holding ginger when exported to the West. The blue and white jars were given as wedding gifts, hence the word ‘hei’ meaning happiness and prosperity, was painted on. To add a sense of history to your big day, why not round up some ginger jars for use as vases or simply scatter them around as decor. Next time you walk past a shop selling knick knacks or antiques, go on in there and you’ll be surprised what treasures you can find.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Estate Eclectic – Etsy, Kika Reichert, Veranda House, Triangle Honeymoon, Design Darling, Sharyn Blond Linens, Absolutely Beautiful Things

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Christmas Cheer: Red + White Striped Wedding.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with only 20 days to go. The tree is up and I’ve had my first Christmas lunch; turkey, Christmas pudding and the lot. If you’re having your wedding during the Christmas season, incorporate some of the festive spirit into your big day. How about some red and white striped fun that everyone, from the young to the old love? And by that, I’m referring to candy canes, not the American flag. Think candy cane wrapped around cranberry scented candles, a hot cocoa bar with candy cane stirrers, red and white striped nails and even a candy cane bouquet. Christmas is for everyone so spread the love.


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Inspiration Board Wedding Decor

Under My Umbrella.

It’s a wet day. In fact, it’s a wet week. So much so that today’s inspiration is the universal protector from rain, the umbrella. Long been used in Chinese weddings when a woman with good fortune shelters the bride with a red umbrella after she is picked up by the groom, to ward off any evil spirits that may harm the bride. It’s also frequently used in other Asian wedding traditions, including the Indian and Vietnamese cultures. Nowadays, rain or shine, the umbrella has more decorative purposes. They’re perfect as photo props so play around with the colours and patterns. Alternatively, give them out as wedding favours to protect your guests from the sun or if unfortunately Mother Nature isn’t on your side, from the rain. Don’t worry, even if it’s raining more than ever, know that you’ll still have each other.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Jamie Hammond Photography via Amorology Weddings, Paper Mash, True Photography, Corbin Gurkin Photography via Brides.comWendy Hithe Photo via Hostess with the Mostess, Studio Laguna

DIY Projects Inspiration Board Wedding Decor

Beach Wedding: Recycling Oyster Shells.

Over the weekend, I indulged myself in an oyster feast which was freshly flown and hand-brought from Sydney’s Fish Market to Hong Kong. Usually we shuck them, eat them and then chuck them but seeing dozens of oyster shells being put to waste made me think that there must be ways to recycle them for use, especially for a beach wedding. If you do go down this recycling route, make sure the shells are thoroughly scrubbed and boiled for a few minutes before using them in your DIY project. Give them a new life by dusting them lightly with your favourite coloured paint and transform them into place cards or wrap a few around a candle for an instant beach look. Whatever you choose, know that you’ve just saved your wallet and helped contribute to a greener world.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Once Wed, Traci Arney Photography via Simply Savannah Events, Catherine Gratwicke via Country Living, Sally Lee by The Sea, Jose Villa via Once Wed, Ali Caudill Photography via

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Wedding Designer: Introducing Aire Hong Kong.

Finding a good wedding decorator or designer that shares your vision is hard to come by in Hong Kong, unless you’re willing to fork out big bucks. Even then, there’s no guarantee that your dream will be delivered to how you envisioned. I’ve been through the ordeal of speaking to various designers back in the days of my own wedding planning (oh it does seem so long ago now) only to be met with ones that only knew how to do gaudy with little creativity. That’s why when I met Anastasia, founder of Aire, I was nothing short of excited to share her work with you. From the moment you step into her studio, you know that she’s got a creative eye. With a background in interior design, Anastasia designs everything from the wedding stationery to the decor such as photo backdrops, as well as florals (even a ring pillow!) to setting up a candy bar. You can tell that she puts her heart into creating a bespoke wedding for you and takes great care in the details of the theme or style you’re after. She doesn’t simply execute your idea but takes it to another level by suggesting alternatives in the form of a mood board. Trust me, you’ll be in safe hands.


Photo credits: Aire  

DIY Projects Inspiration Board Wedding Decor Wedding Photography

Photo Backdrop: DIY Fabric Wall Art.

You’ve seen some funky and wacky photo backdrops before and you know being Hong Kong, creating a unique never-been-seen backdrop can cost you a fair bit. To save your wallet and the environment (to an extent), turn old shoe box lids into beautiful pieces of art. Yes, you too can be a so-called artist. Find some nice wrapping paper or fabric and wrap the lids to create a mis-matched wall of pop art, without even having to purchase frames. It’ll make for a much more interesting backdrop and will give it a more 3-dimensional look. You can even draw your own words or letters on paper to wrap around it. Start asking friends and family for their unused shoeboxes. They may look at you funny but just wait till they see your crafty work.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Sew Mama Sew!, Martha Stewart, Shelterness, Not on the High Street

Colour theme Inspiration Board Wedding Cake Wedding Decor

50 Shades of Purple.

Hong Kong seems to be the capital city of purple. How many of you have attended a wedding that’s featured purple as its colour theme? On its own, purple can be a tad overpowering and dare we say, a little boring. Why not jump on the ombre bandwagon and mix n’ match various shades of purple to give your big day the fresh and elegant look it deserves? Get your bridesmaids to wear different colours in the purple family, paint your invitations in watercolours, contrast the pale hues with a darker shade such as eggplant and serve up ombre cakes to make your wedding stand out from the rest.


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DIY Projects Flowers Wedding Decor

The Glass is Always Greener: Recycled Glass Bottles.

I was reading the latest HK Magazine edition on glass recycling in this city and the figures amazed me. You and I contribute to the 374 tonnes of glass thrown away each day and only 3% of it gets recycled. Shame on all of us and shame on the Hong Kong Government for the lack of recycling facilities. So, how can you do your bit to help the environment? Let’s face it, weddings aren’t cheap and every dollar counts. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to reuse glass bottles and jars as vases or candle holders. All those beers your man drinks, the bottles of wine consumed at the numerous 3-course dinners and jars of pasta sauced used to whip up quick meals can be easily upcycled. Just think of all the options: paint, yarn, lace, ribbon, wrapping paper and twine to transform the glass and if you’re looking to save even more money and time, leave the beer or wine bottles as is to create a shabby chic look. No one will judge.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Julie Ann Art, Mallory Joyce, Young House of Love,

DIY Yarn Glass Jar

Clean glass bottle or jar
Double-sided tape

1. Stick the double-sided tape to the bottom of the glass jar.
2. Start working the yarn around from bottle of the jar, ensuring the yarn is close together.
3. You can stop circling the jar with the yarn at whichever point you please.
4. Fill your new upcycled jar with flowers (in the photos below, the flowers have been recycled from a wedding that I attended over the weekend. Talk about being green.)

DIY Recycled Glass Bottles
From left to right: Clean glass jar   |   Yarn glass jar   |   Spray-painted glass jar